Saturday, April 19, 2014

Museum of the Plains Indian

On Friday, April 11th, we left Columbia Falls and followed US Route 2 eastward across the Rocky Mountains and into the Great Plain of Montana.  It is remarkable how suddenly the terrain changes.  Within a five-minute drive the landscape changes from mountainous to completely flat with no noticeable transition!

When we emerged from the Rocky Mountains we found ourselves in the Blackfeet Nation.  The Blackfeet Native Americans were well-known for their horsemanship and aggressive warriors.  Today they live in central Montana on a large reservation.

In driving through the Blackfeet Nation we encountered the small town of Browning.  In Browning we found the Museum of the Plains Indians.  Since we were stopping for lunch anyway, we decided to pop into the museum. 

The museum had an impressive collection of Plains Indians artifacts which included clothing, tools, toys, pottery, weaponry… just about everything that was involved in daily life for the Plains Indians tribes.  Unfortunately photography was not allowed inside the museum.

Best of all, because it was the off-season we were able to see the museum for free.  Cheap is good, but free is better!  This museum was worth stopping at, but we spent only about ½ hour to 45 minutes inside the museum since it isn’t very large.  Still, it was a nice stop.

Afterwards we continued our trip through the Blackfeet Nation and ended our day in Great Falls, Montana.