Sunday, April 20, 2014


Very early on Easter morning, before the sun began to shine, I drove Steve to the airport so he could fly back to San Antonio for a couple of weeks while the kids and I stayed in the Black Hills.

We said our goodbye, then I drove the hour back to the camper again.  As I drove westward through Custer State Park, the sun was starting to rise in my rearview mirror.  It stirred something spiritual in me, and I was able to have my own private Easter sunrise service right there in the privacy of my own vehicle.

I returned home at about five minutes past seven, but the kids had already awakened and found all the Easter eggs that the Easter Bunny had left behind and they had already started eating their Easter donuts.

We apparently picked the perfect campground to be for Easter because there were wild rabbits everywhere at that campground!  I had mentioned to my youngest boys that I wasn't sure the Easter Bunny would find us there in the Black Hills, but my 8yo retorted, "Oh yes he will!  His henchmen are EVERYWHERE!"  (Where do they come up with these things?)

Later in the day we watched a few movies, including "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" with Dick Van Dyke.  While watching the movie, I think I found our family's new theme song:

So Easter Day came and went without much fanfare for our family this year.  Steve got settled into his hotel room in San Antonio, and the rest of us took the day to rest since we were so worn out from the pace of the previous two weeks.