Thursday, March 6, 2014

Gautier, Mississippi

At the exact half-way point between Orlando, Florida, and San Antonio, Texas – right along Interstate 10 – is the small, practically unnoticeable town near Pascagoula called Gautier, Mississippi.  We arrived in Gautier on Friday, January 17th.

(How do you pronounce that name, anyway?  Well, remember that we are just starting to enter Cajun country at this point, so its local pronunciation is GO-shay.)

Gautier is where my eldest sister and her soon-to-be husband live.  They live right on a bayou, so we get to enjoy watching the bayou wildlife in their backyard while we visit.  The boys always like to visit their aunt and “almost-uncle” because she usually has some surprise planned for them.  This time was no different;  she made a “Birthday Bayou Cake” for the boys.

Steve had to work in Virginia during our weeklong stay in Gautier, so I had hoped that the boys and I could take advantage of our proximity to New Orleans and tour the city one day with my sister as a guide.  However, due to our two weeks at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, it was inevitable that we would arrive in Mississippi with some sort of illness.  We basically spent the entire week sitting on the couch in my sister’s house, trying to make ourselves well again.  Unfortunately, our scheme of exploring the “French Quarter” in New Orleans never came to fruition.

Nevertheless, we enjoyed our time at my sister’s house.  Of course, she and I sat and gossiped the entire time, formulating solutions to all the world’s problems while the boys enjoyed the use of the wireless internet in their house.  But overall, we didn’t do much of anything.  Someone was ill every day we were there, so it was a rather low-key visit.