Friday, February 21, 2014


On Monday, January 6th, we had our first foray into Walt Disney World, and we chose EPCOT as our first adventure.
The park is divided into two main areas: Future World (East and West) and World Showcase.  We spent most of the morning exploring Future World.  We pretty much let the four older boys go off on their own, while Steve and I played with the younger boys.  And play we did!  Then in the afternoon we explored the World Showcase.
In Future World East, we rode on Spaceship Earth (EPCOT’s emblematic big golf ball-looking thing), Ellen’s Energy Adventure, and our favorite, Test Track.  Our youngest was leery to ride on Test Track because it goes so fast.  We were able to talk him into it, promising that it was really fun.  But then we couldn’t get him off the ride!  Unfortunately for us, we ended up getting trapped on the ride just as we were ready to disembark on the third time we rode it.  The ride malfunctioned, and we were trapped in our “test car” for about a half hour until we were finally released.  Regardless, it was a lot of fun.  We bypassed riding on Mission: SPACE because I remember riding that on a previous visit, and my head and stomach didn’t like it too much!  Blech!
In Future World West, we enjoyed The Seas with Nemo & Friends, Turtle Talk with Crush, Living with the Land, and our favorite, Soarin’.  We all really enjoyed that simulated glider ride.   We also took some time to enjoy the aquarium and watched the sharks, dolphins, and sting rays.

Onward to the World Showcase!  In the World Showcase, there are eleven countries represented.  We started in Mexico and rode the Gran Fiesta Tour which is a slow boat ride through Mexico.  Then we moved to Norway and rode the Maelstrom, which is a boat ride through the history of Norway.  And yes, I got wet on that ride.  Next we went to China where we watched an amazing show given by Chinese acrobats.  After China we went to Germany and Italy before heading back to Future World.  We missed seeing the American Experience, Japan, Morocco, France, the United Kingdom, and Canada.  We had seen them before on our previous visits, and this time chose to bypass them because we had the younger boys with us… AND… the weather was turning VERY COLD.  We started the day at a pleasant temperature, but the wind picked up and by the end of the night we were FREEZING!
Before leaving for the evening, we hit the store so one of our sons could buy a souvenir.  Because of the cold front, the store was PACKED with people trying to warm themselves.  When we left EPCOT, we had to pass through the underside of the Spaceship Earth which was acting like a huge wind tunnel.  I’m not so sure I’ve ever been so cold in my life!  Brrr!
We had a great time on our first day at WDW.  I personally love EPCOT because it seems to be less character-oriented and more “vision of the future” oriented, not to mention that I enjoy the different “cultures” in the World Showcase.  Someday I hope to return without kids in tow so I can linger and enjoy the park on a more adult level.  Nevertheless, we had a grand time!