Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cape Canaveral

We left Key West on Friday, January 3rd, with a few days remaining before we were due to check in at our next destination.  So we decided to spend a couple of nights at a NASA campground at Cape Canaveral.

A rocket carrying a communications satellite was scheduled to blast off on January 4th, so we were hoping to be able to watch the launch from across the water where our campground was.  We were assured that we would have a great view from our spot.  However, the launch ended up being postponed due to weather conditions, so we missed seeing the rocket launch.

(Incidentally, the rocket was called the SpaceX Falcon 9, and it was carrying the THAICOM 6 telecommunications satellite to place it into geostationary orbit.  The purpose of the satellite was to provide telecommunication services primarily to Thailand, but also to Southeast Asia, Africa, and Madagascar.  It ended up being launched the day after we left Cape Canaveral.  So close, and  yet so far!)

Once again, we didn't have full hook-ups at our campground.  We had electricity and water, but no sewer. 

We didn't do a whole lot while we were at Cape Canaveral.  On Saturday, instead of watching the rocket launch, we stopped to experience Cocoa Beach.  However, it was so cold and windy at the beach that we only stayed about ten minutes!  We continued on to Patrick AFB to explore a little bit, hitting the commissary and BX while we were there.  Back at the NASA campground, Steve and the younger boys played some putt-putt golf, and we walked along the water to see if we could spot some manatees (apparently they are known to swim near there), but I think it was too cold for them to be near the shoreline.  We never saw one.

So we had only two short nights at Cape Canaveral, then left again on Sunday, January 5th.