Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sad Story

Steve and I were on our way to the store when I noticed something brown in the grass next to a traffic light we stopped at. As it lifted its head out of the grass, I realized it was a small puppy. Steve pulled over, and I got out of the car to check it out. When I lifted it out of the grass, it was covered in fire ants. I wiped off as many ants as I could, and we took the puppy back to the camper to figure out what to do next.

After making a phone call or two, we learned that the local shelter would take her. So after trying to get her to drink a bit of water, we headed to the shelter to drop her off, hoping for a healthy future for her.

However, the poor little pup died in my lap on the way there.

After doing some internet research, it seems likely that she died from an overdose of fire ant venom.

I don't know this puppy's backstory, nor do I know why Steve and I were destined to be in her last minutes of life. But I do know that compassion is never wasted.