Friday, July 12, 2013

Having Fun

Steve said that I make our blog sound like we are having nothing but drama and catastrophe in our lives, so I thought I'd write about the many FUN things we've been up to lately!

We took the kids bowling one evening here on base when there was a $1 per game night. The kids all enjoy bowling, especially our special-needs 10yo son.

(And until I figure out how to insert pictures among the text, I apologize for cramming all the pictures in at the end of this post.)

We also took the kids to the movie theater recently - a rare treat for us because it is usually so expensive for a family as large as ours. But we went to a mid-week matinee, so the cost wasn't too terrible. (Still nothing we are going to make a habit of!) Half of the kids saw Monsters University, and half saw Despicable Me 2. Both movies were good. I saw Monsters University with the kids, and I thought it was a very cute movie.

We also have a splash pad here on the base that is open for use in the late afternoons and evening. On really hot nights when nothing is going on, we like to take the kids there to cool off.

On Independence Day, we did a self-guided tour of the historic part of Ft. Sam Houston. We got to see all the old 1800's-style garrison houses, found the house that the General lives in, etc. Some of the highlights include the field where Foulois first flew military aviation, the house that Eisenhower used to live in, and the awesome "Quadrangle".

The Quadrangle is the remaining part of the original fort built back in the 1800's. It is a square stone wall with little windows for guns/cannons, as well as a bell/clock tower in the center of it all. Imagine our surprise when we wandered through the gate in the wall only to find a herd of deer roaming freely inside, a pond with fish in it, ducks and geese and chickens wandering about, and a flock of peacocks even!

We went inside the visitor center to learn that the Apache chief Geronimo was held prisoner here at one time, and local legend has it that he jumped out of the bell/clock tower. I don't think that's true, but it impressed the kids. Today the Quadrangle is the headquarters to the USArmy North.

On the evening of July 4th, we sat on the helicopter landing pad at the Quadrangle to watch the fireworks on display in downtown San Antonio. We had the perfect view without the traffic and crowds from downtown.

So I hope this evens out my tales of woe lately. We really have been having a good time. If we hadn't been, we would quit this grand scheme of ours and go back into a sticks-n-bricks house without looking back!