Friday, May 17, 2013

Making - and Losing - New Friends

Since our first day in the camper, my youngest two boys made fast friends with the two boys in the next campsite over, Luke and Sam. They are traveling around the country in their RV because their dad just retired, like us! Obviously, they homeschool, too.

Every single day, for hours and hours each day, my boys would play with Luke and Sam. But, alas, early this morning Luke and Sam moved on to bigger and better places. My two boys are crushed over losing their new friends.

Such is life in the RV, I suppose. I'm sure there will be many more incidents of making - and losing - new friends.

(Picture: Luke, my 10yo, my 7yo, and Sam. That is our rig and van in the background, as the picture was taken on their patio, not ours.)