Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It's May - May?!?

 I'm not quite sure how it happened, but it is now the month of May.  We planned to have the house listed on May 1st,  but  we aren't quite ready yet.  We are very close to being ready,  but we need another day or so.  Mostly we just need some more time to clean.

 We are adjusting to life in the camper pretty well.  Most of our daytime is spent at the house,  and we are basically only sleeping in the camper.  We have eaten a whole lot of fast food in the past few days, and even the kids are sick of it by now.  Wee have already learned that the camper is, indeed, water-tight. I think yesterday was the first day we've had since moving into the camper that we haven't had a thunderstorm.

 As for the stuck slide-outs, Steve  found the handtool that you can use to manually crank open the slides.  Using  one of the boys' leatherman tools (Boy Scouts - always be prepared!),  we were able to get the bedroom slide open.  So for now we are all set.  Yes,  the slides are still technically broken,  but we can have them fixed later after the house is ready for the market.

 Oh, and I thought I'd mention that it is a little strange being on a military base as retirees.  It's odd to hear reveille at 5:30 in the morning and taps at 10:00 each night.  It's odd being some of the oldest people around.  We ate dinner at the shoppette Burger King next to the training dorms the other night, and we were by far the oldest ones in there. I reminded Steve that the people in there were only a couple years older than our eldest sons.

 So we are still chugging along with our plan and enjoying life, as crazy as it is right now.  This is definitely quite the adventure so far!