Friday, February 22, 2013

The Beast Has Arrived!

It's been a while since I posted the last time.  That's because nothing much had happened in regards to our trip, until now!

After many months of waiting patiently, we FINALLY took possession of our new home-on-wheels last weekend!

Here's a picture as Steve rolled up the street to the driveway. (See him waving at me?)

We tried to get it into the driveway, but we have a tree on the side of the driveway that prevented it.  So instead, Steve drove around the block again, and the camper ended up parked on the curb in front of the house.  This picture was taken from our front yard.

And here's another picture of the camper taken from across the street.  You can see our house in the background.

Unfortunately, our HOA prohibits us from keeping something like this on the street, so we had to take it to the storage lot later that same afternoon.  And there it sits, waiting for us to make use of it.


In other news, we finally contacted a realtor and got some market comparables.  We learned that we won't be making much money, if any, from the sale of the house.  We should at least break even, which I'm okay with.  We haven't totally decided whether we will use a realtor or try to sell it ourselves, but I'm thinking we will probably end up using the realtor in order to sell it quicker.


And, we also have a house painter coming this weekend to give us estimates on painting the house.  We gotta make it purr-dee before we put it on the market.


And lastly, we are painstakingly waiting for March 1st to roll around to see if Steve will still have a job or not.  At the very least, he will have to take the mandatory government furlough and the 20% pay cut.  This difference in our personal finances will mean we have to change our budgeting strategies for this trip. Since I have nothing nice to say about our esteemed leaders in Washington, D.C., I better stop talking before I say something I will later regret....